Growing Pains part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about energy for awhile now and how little I seem to have most days. I think about how precious it is and how to best utilize it when I have it. The more I invest myself in what I deem important the more I begin to understand what isn’t.

I’ve begun to understand who is worthy of my energy and to what extent. I also spend a lot of time explaining this to others I care about and hoping they understand this before it drains them. Some people are attracted to you for no other reason than the energy you emit and they will latch on to you. This is how a lot of friendships are made. However, most times they latch on in a way that is not beneficial to your growth and health. They become parasitic and it is very rarely on purpose or with malicious intent. Most bloodsuckers don’t know they’re harmful, they’re just trying to survive in whatever way they know how.

Remember that just because someone is nice does not mean they are good. Someone can be the most giving person you know, but may be leeching off of the kindness of someone else. They’re nice, but not good. They’re not deserving of hate, but they do not deserve your constant time, effort, energy, and kindness.

Surround yourself with love and nurturing. Always make room for yourself in your life and take the time to open your eyes to those you’ve allowed into the home you’ve made. Make time to be alone, do things that make you smile, and if you don’t know then make time to try new things to find out. Refill and refuel yourself. You are the most important person in your life so take care of you and don’t feel ashamed if that means setting hard boundaries for what is acceptable behavior from others.

Keep your intuition on point and know what is best for you. Your energy is precious. Don’t let others steal it from you.


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