Boxed wine.

Boxed wine.
Passed over and abused.
You learned to embrace it
And push everyone away.
Let us be nothing
So that we may last forever.
I am depths so deep
That men fear to dive.
Don’t fear my currents,
I won’t let you drown and die.
My grip is so delicate,
Yet my crescents are white.
I showed no sign of fighting,
But I’ve been holding on for dear life.
My fingers are softer
than they were before,
I mimic the rose, but the bee isn’t sure.

The orange is peeled
Like a smile I once knew.
You asked me to help you and I wanted to say,
“You have always been a poem.”
But your grin rolls like flannel sleeves
And you always say,
“Those who stay together,
Decay together.”
I would swallow the sun
To keep you warm.
But I’ve donated my heart to nasa,
To know black holes for sure.


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